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Internal NELFT email sets out excel Nightingale future.

This Leaked NELFT email sets out the governments intentions for London's nightingale.

Email readout:

News now made public: Sent on behalf of Professor Oliver Shanley OBE, Chief Executive Dear colleagues As you will be aware from the communication I shared on 30 December 2020, there are significant pressures on the NHS across all of the areas we serve and we are working closely with all our partners to support system-wide responses. In London, these pressures have been set out by the regional NHS team and they have agreed the need to stand up services at NHS Nightingale Hospital London (based at ExCeL London) to support current acute bed pressures across the NHS in London. As part of this response, we have been asked to lead and manage the service at the ExCeL on behalf of the region.

At this stage, we are working with the NHS London Regional Director and his team to agree the most appropriate and safe clinical model, based on the NHS Nightingale Hospital Manchester modelling. This would mean NELFT would in the first instance be managing a rehabilitation step-down unit supporting patients who require inpatient care ahead of discharge into a community setting. We have established a core group of senior leaders to support this request and have linked with the regional NHS team to ensure they are aware of our current position and requirements for additional support. We know this is a big ask and an important part of our NHS response to the additional pressures being placed on services due to the pandemic. The workforce requirements will be supported on a pan-London basis with additional support from the voluntary sector if needed in the first instance. NHS estates teams will be setting up and operationalising the unit over the coming days and this is likely to attract some media attention. All media requests are being handled by our Communications and Engagement team who are working with NHS communications colleagues.

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