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CRIME: Murder, grievous bodily injury

SEX: Male

IDENTIFIERS: Arm(s) - Tattoo(s) Picture

Body - Tattoo(s) Picture

DATE OF BIRTH:  Aug 07, 1980 NATIONALITY: Libyan

STATE OF CASE:  Ongoing investigation

CAN YOU HELP? SEND MESSAGE Rebecca Grech +35622943343 +35622943343 Subject:  Homicide of Maltese National Sylvana Muscat, 36, from St Paul’s Bay. Date of Crime: 11th March 2015. The victim was found murdered in the bedroom of her apartment in St Paul’s Bay on the 11th March 2015.  The investigation proved that the victim was murdered inside the same apartment by her former partner Hamid Nour Eddine G Ibrahim.  The autopsy proved that victim died of a total of five (5) stab wounds, on the same day her body was discovered. Mr Ibrahim absconded the Maltese Islands on the 11th March 2015, a couple of hours before the corpse was discovered.  It was confirmed that he took a flight Italy, but reliable sources informed the Maltese Police that a month later he was seen in Dublin, Ireland, which is his last known whereabouts.  An EAW and IAW were duly issued for the arrest of Mr Ibrahim. Suspect details: Name:  Hamid Forename:  Nour Eddine G Ibrahim Sex:  Male Nationality:  Libyan Date of Birth:  07th August 1980 Place of Birth:  Tripoli, Libya Maltese Identity Card number:  113704A Libyan Passport Number:  668091 Tattoos:  left shoulder & right chest

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