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  • Murder, grievous bodily injury


  • Male


  • cm


  • Brown

DATE OF BIRTH:  Nov 24, 1989


  • Afghan

  • STATE OF CASE:  Ongoing investigation

Amin QATRA is wanted for a murder committed on 01 June 2016 in Vejle, Denmark, where he cut the throat of the victim, whereupon the victim died shortly after.

EUROPOL 0045 45154200

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WANTED; Kristi Amberg is accused of handling large quantities of narcotics. She bought and sold narcotics, as of July 2017 until 21.09.2017 doing that quite actively - the routine was: she did every second day 10-15 grams amphetamine; every week 1-10 grams cocaine and every week 50 ml GHB. Drugs were bought from different dealers at different parts of town, for that she had a so-called social network of drug dealers. In case of an arrest, she has to serve imprisonment 1 year and 9 months.

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Independent charity Crimestoppers is offering a reward of up to £5,000 for information on the sexual assault of a woman in Salisbury, one year after the incident took place.

Just after midnight on Sunday 19th May 2019, the woman, in her 30s, was sexually assaulted by a man not known to her in Hudson’s Field, Castle Road.

A travelling circus was at Hudson’s Field at the time. The offender is not believed to be a member of the circus.

Suspect description

  • Suspect name:

  • Sex: Male

  • Height: 180 - 185 cm (approx 6' 0")

  • Facial hair: None

  • Ethnic appearance: White European

Additional Information

The man is also described as being in his early 20s with a skinny build. His hair was sandy blonde and short. He was wearing a light maroon coloured hoodie.

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