• Using the press freedom the U.K. enjoys MI6 Rogue uses various contacts within the U.K's government to counter brief where false or misleading information is published by No10 Downing ST.

• MI6 Rogue shares official government press release documents in a Freelance Journalism capacity, news & communications from the U.K government must be factually correct before it is shared.

• MI6 Rogue supports the U.K. military & uses our platform to share up to date activities & technical upgrades for the public to learn more about the U.K. & our allies military to combat the growing misinformation that is circulated by the U.K's enemies.

• MI6 Rogue supports the U.K. police force & are proud to share police news & appeals.

• MI6 Rogue roots are based within SIS & share daily updates on operational & news regarding U.K. security.

• MI6 Rogue doesn't believe or encourage breaking the official secrets act. 

Read the official Secrets Act here.

We take no pleasure in briefing against the U.K. government & are not aligned to any political party.